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As with all of the calculators on my website, I love to receive suggestions for additional features. So, if you would like to see any new features added to this birthday calculator, please contact me. Use the birthday calculator to find out how many hours, days, months and years you've been alive for and what day you were born on.

Simply enter your date of birth into the calculator and click the 'calculate' button. We also have a Chronological Age Calculator available. The birthday calculator will tell you which famous people share your birthday with you.

On what day was I born?

Featured below is a short list of some of the famous people who have birthdays today, Tuesday 8th October. All information is provided by Famous Birthdays. If you have any problems using this birthday calculator, please contact me. Select the year you want, followed by the month within that year on the next page then you will be able to see which songs were number one for each day of that month in the various countries covered.

The data shown represents all the information we currently have available, if you want number ones from before , or for different countries we recommend that you follow the source data links yourself.

24 Best Happy Birthday Songs List | Billboard

The issues with defining which charts to use, which entries fall into each chart and how to treat double-A side records made us feel that listing number ones was not a worthwhile effort, however the number of users who request such data has convinced us to offer this set of pages. We quite often get requests to find out which song was number one on a particular day.

There are a number of obvious comments:.

Given the range of countries that we have gathered information for we can answer some questions about number ones. Looking at the proportion of time that each artist was number one in at least one of our target countries gives yet another measure of the relative success that various acts enjoyed.

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If we work out what proportion of each decade they spent in the number one song slot we get this listing:. The s and s are biased in two different ways, firstly there are fewer charts so acts are liable to spend less time at number one and secondly the charts that existed were less dynamic so acts spent longer in the top slot. We have assumed these factors just about cancel each other out.

HAPPY 20th BIRTHDAY! - EPIC CAT Happy Birthday Song

Another interesting metric is to look at how long a particular artist managed to remain at number one in at least one of these countries. This shows artists that were globally popular with multiple songs released in quick succession. Here are all the artists that managed at least 75 days of being number one somewhere:.

What song was number one when I was born?

The Beatles and Bing Crosby both managed more than day stints twice The Beatles narrowly missed out on managing three stretches because of a two day gap in Mar By the time you are 50 you really ought to be able to follow simple instructions read the page. Did Joe Dolan really has legend would have it, make 1 in fourteen European countries? So being number one on 14 European countries is unlikely.

We sometimes think that people who ask stupid questions like what was number one on a particular date, without specifying the country or chart are being deliberately stupid. Really, you're 15 and not able to follow simple instructions? Read what it says in the text.

Stevie Wonder Wrote the Black “Happy Birthday” Song

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