March 16 Birthday Horoscope

They are strongly sexual and need to feel attractive to their partner. Despite their metaphysical bent, March 16 people display a practical attitude toward their background. They forgive the mistakes their parents may have made. They know their youngsters' wants and needs instinctively. Their sensitivity lets them transcend generational differences and focus on issues that count.

The health of March 16 people is linked to their inner life. If they're able to indulge their need for a creative outlet, they'll maintain a harmonious balance between their worldly and spiritual realities.

March 16 - personality & famous birthdays

They can find themselves through meditation and asceticism. People born on this date often have a hard time deciding which career to follow. They need to find a harmonious balance between their career and personal life. If they strive too hard to make money, this balance could be upset. They need to trust in their ability to live on what they make, whatever that may be. March 16 individuals require security.

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Learning to trust in the future can be a breakthrough for them; it eliminates the stresses that do so much damage to their peace of mind. For this reason it is best to calculate your natal chart accurately and find out the exact degree falls on the Sun which tells us we belong to that sign. You can calculate your natal chart free online in this page.

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Then come back here and read the characteristics of your sign. You can also find your ascendant , you will discover your chinese sign , mayan sign , celtic sign and read the general horoscopes relating to day , week , month and new year. You can also discover what day of the week you were born.

Meanwhile, here in the two tables that show the days on which the period begins and ends each of the 12 signs of the traditional zodiac. The second also indicates if the sign is fixed, cardinal, mobile and to that element in nature belongs and so fire, earth, air, water.

Birthday Horoscope March 16th

If you were born in March you are pisces or aries. Below you can choose your month of birth and select from the dropdown list that opens your day of birth.

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You will go to the page of your birth day to figure out which sign you belong to.