Gemini Lucky Lottery Numbers

Right now you're more concerned with the pleasure you'll get from your purchases than with their cost, which doesn't matter if you're feeling flush but isn't nearly such good news if you're supposed to be saving your cash.

Gemini Lucky Lottery Numbers - Today and Tomorrow

Lucky colours are violet and coffee. Fri Oct Bad Tempered Day Prepare yourself for a rather bad-tempered day in which it's difficult to keep things on an even keel. People are crotchety, and you aren't exactly sweetness and light either. Almost before you know it, you might get embroiled in disputes over the most trivial matters, especially with colleagues, relatives and neighbours. Try not to say anything too inflammatory or unkind. Lucky colours are lilac and copper.

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Lucky numbers are 32 and Sat Oct Don't Fret Someone has too much on their plate and is getting in a panic. Is it you? If so, don't waste valuable time fretting over all the things you have to do. It also won't help if you get in a state and then start losing vital pieces of paper because you're so distracted. Take a deep breath or get some fresh air, and then start with whatever is most urgent. Take it one step at a time. Lucky colours are fudge and turquoise. Lucky numbers are 35 and Sun Oct Full Moon You're feeling lonely as the Full Moon comes, whether you're physically separated from loved ones or there's an emotional gap between you.

Although it's tempting to feel sorry for yourself, it will only make you more miserable. Instead, you need to distract yourself by doing things that will give you satisfaction and remind you that you're a person in your own right. Lucky colours are coffee and apricot. Lucky numbers are 19 and Mon Oct Extreme Feelings You're dissatisfied and restless, especially when it comes to your relationships. As a result, you may be looking at a certain person with a jaundiced eye, wishing they could be something they're not or wondering why the spark seems to have died between you.

Things may not be as bad as they seem because your feelings are quite extreme today, so don't do anything rash. Lucky colours are kiwifruit and aubergine. Lucky numbers are 13 and Don't give way to anxiety, or it will be hard to shake off the despondency. If someone is being critical or harsh with you, unkind words will hit a raw nerve and you'll feel quite hurt. You may also be bothered about a health problem, whether it's yours or someone else's. Remind yourself that worrying never solved anything; you need to take action.

Lucky colours are white and strawberry. Lucky numbers are 35 and 6. Wed Oct Immerse Yourself Life becomes more peaceful today, which is a great relief after the difficulties of the past couple of days.

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You need to recuperate emotionally, so give yourself a complete break by doing something you really enjoy and forgetting about whatever's been worrying you. Meet up with some friends, do something fun with your other half, or immerse yourself in a favourite hobby. Lucky colours are taupe and sapphire. Lucky numbers are 39 and Thu Oct Keep In Touch Your social life has a lot to offer today, so try to mix with as many people as you can.

This isn't a day for being solitary unless you have little choice in the matter, and even then you might want to write some letters or make some phone calls so you can still keep in touch with others. It's also the perfect day to tell someone you love them, even if they already know it. Lucky colours are fawn and aqua.

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Lucky numbers are 20 and Fri Oct Straightforward Do your best to be honest and straightforward when talking to others today, otherwise you may accidentally mislead them or give them the wrong impression. This is especially important when talking to colleagues and customers, or when taking part in a medical consultation. It will be better to spell things out rather than to leave anything to chance.

Lucky colours are chocolate and ginger. Lucky numbers are 29 and Sat Oct Wood For The Trees It's easy to get bogged down in trivial details, Gemini, so don't lose sight of what you're trying to do, or you won't see the wood for the trees. If you feel that you're drowning in a sea of papers, being bombarded by emails or having to cope with too much information in one go, tackle things in their order of priority so you can protect your sanity. Lucky colours are terracotta and green.

Lucky numbers are 38 and Sun Oct Better Grip You have a much better grip on what you're meant to be doing, which is good news if you're worried about how everything seemed to unravel around you yesterday.

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  • Sort out any problems that you accidentally created yesterday, while your thinking is so clear and practical. It's also a good day for writing important or detailed letters, or filling in forms. Lucky colours are rose quartz and spearmint. Lucky numbers are 18 and Mon Oct Big Effort This is a great day for being with other people because you're making a big effort to get on well with them and to see their best side.

    However, this won't cloud your judgement or make you blind to their faults, so there is little danger of you fooling yourself in some way. You're also in the mood for some romance, so how about getting together with that special person in your life.

    Lucky colours are vermilion and passionfruit. Lucky numbers are 14 and Tue Oct Anything's Possible You're in a terrific mood today - cheerful, gregarious and happy. You're also feeling extremely optimistic, so anything seems possible right now and you're prepared to take a chance. However, try not to get so carried away that you start taking foolish risks because you're so convinced that nothing can go wrong. You aren't infallible, you know! Lucky colours are apricot and plum. Wed Oct Work And Health Your focus starts to switch to your work and your health from today, and during the next four weeks these areas of life will demand a lot of your attention.

    Maybe you aren't happy with your current job, in which case this will be a super opportunity to see what's on offer. Or perhaps you're well aware that you need to sort out a health problem before it gets any worse. Lucky colours are aqua and tangerine. Lucky numbers are 3 and 8. Thu Oct Get Cracking This is a great day for sorting through paperwork, throwing out items that you no longer need and generally being at your most efficient.

    Lucky Numbers Gemini

    Fri Oct Clear The Air The closer you are to someone, the more likely you are to rub each other up the wrong way. Maybe you both need to clear the air over recent problems, especially if that will ease the pressure. One of you may be feeling rather possessive of the other one, so there could be a disagreement about the amount of time you spend together and the time you spend apart.

    Lucky colours are lavender and purple. Sat Oct Transformational Your attention turns to your personal concerns versus your work and health situation. You are dealing with important issues, whether or not you have the time or inclination. The cosmos is demanding that you transform your attitudes about money, especially shared funds, and you have no choice but to pay attention.

    Lucky colours are petal pink and soft peach. Lucky numbers are 8 and Sun Oct Tact And Patience If you've been concerned about a loved one and you've been waiting for the right time to talk to them, that moment has now arrived. You'll have to approach the subject with tact and patience, particularly if it's sensitive or highly emotional. You could be enabling others to put you down and undermine your efforts. What goes around comes around. Dealing with a friend's cynicism is difficult, but you may not be able to change this character trait.

    Walking away in silence is an alternative way to teach them a lesson.

    Daily Horoscopes Gemini, Wed, October 09th, 12222.

    You might be experiencing a creative block. Even though you have many ideas, the words and actions aren't flowing. Put your thoughts aside for the time being until you feel creatively stimulated again. Health is the greatest gift, contentment the greatest wealth, faithfulness the best relationship.

    Richard Versalle, a tenor performing at New York's Metropolitan Opera House, suffered a heart attack and fell 10 feet from a ladder to the stage just after singing the line, "You can only live so long. Your destiny is based upon the decisions you make.

    Daily Meditation

    Get your personalised destiny and decisions forecast report here. You mustn't cut corners in arriving at a decision.

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