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A large part of the collection has not yet been translated, leaving researchers in the dark about what they might contain.

Documentary, Ancient Egyptian Astrology

An international team of researchers are now translating the previously unexplored texts, which according to one of the researchers, contain new and exciting insights into Ancient Egypt. She is one of four PhD students working on the unpublished manuscripts held in Copenhagen.

Egyptian Astronomy - History of Astronomy

Read More: Dead Sea Scrolls still conceal many stories. In one of the texts, she has found evidence that Ancient Egyptians knew about the existence of kidneys.

Astrology was their way of avoiding going to war on a bad day, such as when the celestial bodies were aligned in a particular configuration. But we have Egyptian material that goes much further back.

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Read More: Bull fat, bats blood, and lizard poop were the drugs of choice in ancient Egypt. Depending on which bag sprouts first reveals the sex of her child.

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Her research reveals that the ideas recorded in the Egyptian medical texts spread far beyond the African continent. The same pregnancy test used by Egyptians is referred to in a collection of German folklore from Now the time has come to recognise them.

Astrology and Astronomy in the Ancient World

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      History of Astrology

      Researchers went there to find out how they did it and what we can learn from them. Drug-resistant infections are increasing globally. One new member of the superbug family has already caused severe illness in hospitalized patients. Here is what you need to know. Although today there is a differentiation between astronomy and astrology, the former being a science, astronomy and astrology were one in the early days of civilization.

      These astronomers were mainly temple priests, as it was believed that understanding the cosmos was a divine skill. Temples were constructed to imitate the design of the heavens, the floor being the earth and the arched ceilings imitating the skies.

      Astronomy Versus Astrology

      In addition, temple rituals were timed based on planetary activity. During the Ptolemaic dynasty, Egyptians took the Greek zodiac designations and applied Egyptian Gods to each sign. The ram-headed God Amun was used as a replacement for Aries, and the bull-God Apis, who represented Osiris, was used in place of Taurus. Horus the elder and Horus the child took the place of Gemini. A depiction of the Egyptian zodiac was found on the ceiling of the Temple of Osiris in Denderah. The main contribution that Egyptian civilization made to astrology was the decans.