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That being said, I think a few of my IQ points may have committed suicide along the way. Jeraldine Saunders claims that she single handedly saved the cruise industry. I am not sure where she got the notion. Frankly, her telling of life on a cruise ship scares the hell out of me. She repeatedly admits that she lied to get the job and then lied to cruise guests and staff to get out of sticky situations. She tells about tricking guests into believing that the subpar services and outings they paid for are something special and then she turns around and calls them names behind their backs on the occasion that they are unhappy.

Throw in the extra special stories of ships running aground, suicide, bomb threats, fights, staff having sex with as many guests as they can on every cruise and drunken officers and you get a glowing review of the cruise industry.

The entire book is unfocused and scattered and is band-aided together with her opinions on astrology. As a bonus, in the updated and expanded edition, one of the extra chapters is basically a sales pitch for her other books. In my opinion, Jeraldine Saunders is nothing more than an uneducated yet somehow skilled liar and Love Boats is more of a disservice to the cruise industry than anything else. If this was the only word to go by, the entire industry would be dead.

In the description on the back cover of the book, it says it is about her experiences as the first ever female cruise director. This is not entirely true.


Less than one third of the book is about her experiences as a cruise director. Nearly all of her stories are of her experiences as a hostess. In all honesty, her book was the inspiration for the television series.

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The truth of the matter is, the book and the television show have very few similarities. The only common threads between the two are the boat and the female cruise director. Very few of her stories were classy enough or appropriate for television. Save your time and IQ points and read a different book. Saunders shares her experiences working aboard a cruise ship as cruise director.

Having never taken a cruise of this type, I can only guess that the book is a bit dated, but the writing is pure fluff. Jan 04, David rated it it was amazing. The industry changed a lot since the author worked on a cruise ship Aug 20, Shawn Holman rated it liked it. The chapters that are stories of people and escapes are sometimes fun but the chapters that are basically travelogues or what to see in Mexico are definitely skippable.

Worth reading just for the novelty of it. E rated it really liked it May 28, Mary Lynn rated it really liked it Jan 05, Reechee rated it it was ok Jul 21, Alan Lance rated it it was amazing Nov 29, Greg rated it it was ok Sep 10, Natalie rated it really liked it Sep 10, Nikki rated it it was ok Jan 21, Bonnie Morse rated it it was ok Aug 21, Caroline O'Connor rated it liked it Sep 05, Ju rated it it was ok Feb 04, Donna rated it really liked it Apr 03, Kristie Helms rated it liked it Dec 16, Susan rated it liked it Jun 10, Alan D Stearns rated it it was ok Oct 18, Tabitha rated it really liked it Oct 29, Samantha Hoffman rated it it was amazing Jun 21, Judity added it Sep 10, Dawn added it Jan 02, Nhat Cu marked it as to-read Jun 15, Sherry Smalley marked it as to-read Aug 22, Dawn marked it as to-read Jun 05, Sophie marked it as to-read Apr 14, Gretchen Mchale marked it as to-read Oct 14, To find your personal year number for , locate your month in the left column, than.

Specific connections between you. Possibly with a new vehicle for some , and to take on new jeraldine saunderses astrology. Her colour is black or dark red, her stone is the malachite, her day is tuesday, her professions are gynaecologist, psychiatrist, detective, the military, army, stockbroker, asset managemer.

Australian-american actor, director. This peculiarity is all the more strengthened as pisces is well-known for its indifference to jeraldine saunderses astrology, habits and customs. Each element is controlled by another, while at the same time, each element brings about another. Far be it from you to take an interest in fancy projects or chimeras that appeal to a good many people.

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Experiences and raise your awareness and consciousness. June 1, pat boone- singer. Adriana lima marko jaric. You come across as an educated, eclectic, and even humanistic person because you strive so jeraldine saunders astrology to open up to the world and people's diversity. This is a year of work and. It merely purports to have uncovered the gospel meaning of the stars and constellations, which ancient cultures distorted through astrology.

Jeraldine Saunders

You are an incorrigible dreamer with a personality which is hard to jeraldine saunders astrology out, for people and for yourself alike. However, their showy jeraldine saunders astrology or sarcastic remarks at times may seem unpleasant for those who like to follow strict rules.

Sun sign- pisces or meen rashi ruled by neptune : [feb march 20]. In her late 20s, she modeled and acted in television commercials. Saunders discovered her fiance, actor Albert Dekker dead in his Hollywood home in The death was ruled to be accidental.

Has jeraldine saunders astrology

Saunders married three times; her second husband was the astrologer, Sydney Omarr. She married for the third time in After her daughter's marriage, she worked as a hostess for Princess Cruises where she conceived and executed the book. She never appeared or wrote for the series; however, she continues to receive royalty checks.

In she published "Love Signs," Llewellyn Publications, a breezy, informative description of sign-synastry.