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Checking them out explains the movement from Morning Star to Evening Star as we are about to see with the Superior Conjunction January 9, Notice it is exactly conjunct Pluto! Listen to the call where we talk about the superior conjunction and Pluto in the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 6th house with example charts.

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OK, the cycles can seem a little complex, but I hope you embrace the mystery and wonder. It really is spectacular. There is a pattern. An amazing one. Check it out. Watch this tutorial on the Transits of Venus for full understanding, definitions, animations and connections. The position of Venus in this video ephemeris and astro clock is , but the concepts remain the same. See below for current position and upcoming Superior Conjunction January and the shift to Evening Star. We start the cycle with the inferior conjunction , like a New Moon phase.

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Twenty-one days after the inferior conjunction, Venus turns direct, called Direct Station. Thirty-six days after the inferior conjunction , Venus is most brilliant in the morning sky. Another thirty-six days Venus reaches its maximum distance from the Sun or Maximum Elongation never more than 45 degrees away. At this time, Venus is moving at the same speed or faster than the sun. Catching up!

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Thirty-six days after the superior conjunction , when the Sun and Venus are about ten degrees apart, Venus reappears from the underworld as the evening sky , setting AFTER the Sun. Now that you have that under your belt, check the Astro clock and see where Venus is now in her Synodic Cycle:. Her superior conjunction is January 9, and then by early March, she will set 10 degrees behind the sun and be visible in the night sky.

This means that every 8 years the same Rx loop occurs at the same time of year, covering the same degrees of the zodiac. Psychologically, it represents a time of the most profound maturing of the soul through the purification of the heart.


We are invited to include that which has been excluded, to make amends internally, to seek forgiveness and to process unfinished business so that we may be renewed and released. First, work out which part of the Venus synodic cycles when you where born. Was she the morning star?

Saturn-Mars Mutual Aspect September 25 – November 9

In the underworld invisible? Do you connect this energy to your relationship MO? And for delineations and deep details, this article by the humanistic astrologer, Michael R Myer. Next, check the house Venus was in when the cycle began where was the inferior conjunction before, or during, your birth? It may have been a year or more back. Do your relationships spring from the matters of this house? These intense and magnetic connections may dig up some ugly truths that have been hidden away.

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These are calling to be worked through and resolved so that you can be in a healthy relationship without attachment. Are you too attached to owning designer things that you spend all your hard-earned money on in order to feel good? During this transit, you will discover just how much love, passion, and resources you have within yourself. Venus goes retrograde approximately every 18 months and lasts for about 40 days. This would not be a time to enter a new relationship or marriage, or purchase a luxurious item for your home or office as you may not fully see the impact of your commitment or investment.

Instead, this a time to ask yourself, does this relationship or situation empower you or drain you? Does it align with your core values or are you sacrificing a part of yourself for this person or situation?

follow link This would be the time to crawl inside yourself and find out what exactly you are fixating on and why. You may find that you are drawn to past situations or lovers for the purpose of learning the truth about that connection and the power it had over you. This would be those intense karmic relationships or old flames that you just cannot seem to release. Now is the time to create a ritual to finally bury the past so you may open up to true love and abundance.

You may discover what has blocked you from healthy connections in the past so you can move forward with current or future relationships or situations. This retrograde period is here to help you get what you want: to realign with your values and ensure the manifestation of beauty and love in your life.

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  • Venus will retrograde in Scorpio until November 1st when it slips back into Libra for a few weeks and then once again enters Scorpio on December 2nd, this time direct, to finish out This means you will get a double dose of Venus in Scorpio energy in one year! Brace yourself! It is going to be a juicy ride. Now is the time to release unhealthy attachments, both internally and externally, so you may focus on building the foundation within to attract the love and life in which you deserve.

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