October 23-November 21

Or look straight to nature: Thorn, Wolf, Tiger, or Ridge will all match the energy of your little boy.

Names for Scorpio Girls: Tempest and Colt are name options that will match your little Scorpio's can't-be-tamed spirit. Or look to flowers: Magnolia, Daisy, Rose, and Willow are all ways to honor the softer side of a Scorpio girl's wild nature. Sensitive and intense, a Scorpio child can seem high needs from day one, and may need extra cuddles and closeness. A Scorpio child always marches to the beat of their own drummer, and many outsiders may remark how a Scorpio kids seems especially wise or knowing beyond their years.

Scorpio children may have tantrums, but it's very important to realize they're lashing out because they love you and because they feel safe to do so. Scorpio can sometimes need help learning to play and seeing the silly side of life. Surrounding them with projects where there is no right or wrong, like gardening, can be helpful.

Libra Child — Scorpio Parent

And Scorpio loves to feel useful, so get them involved in baking, cooking, and laundry folding. Here, more tips for parenting a Scorpio child. Take deep breaths. Patience is everything when it comes to raising a Scorpio. They will challenge you and break boundaries, and what they need is a calm Mom and Dad who won't yell at them after the smallest infraction. Give them space. A Scorpio needs plenty of solo time, and playing on the floor by themselves isn't a lonely activity for a Scorpio.

They have a rich internal world, and sometimes, your attempts at joining in feel like interrupting. Arrange playdates. While Scorpio loves doing things solo, it's important for them to learn how to get along with others. Yes, Scorpio teens can be moody and intense. But don't fear! A Scorpio teenager can also be deeply intuitive and passionate, and willing to take on adult responsibilities.

A Scorpio teenager hates when parents don't treat them like an equal, and can be incredibly responsible and conscientious. The best thing you can do for a Scorpio teenager is get out of their own way and let them forge their own path. Trouble happens when a Scorpio teen bristles under too many rules.

Talk consequences and be honest. Do you want them to have a 10pm curfew? Explain reasons, not skirting around the fact more fatalities occur during late night driving. The more to the point you are, the more they'll respect you. These folks will show children how being a follower can turn into becoming a strong leader. Virgo people should refrain from nitpicking as this can cause children to become depressed or anxious.

Virgo parents will enforce the significance of academic achievement.

They will tutor their children or sit in class with them to make sure they understand the lesson. Although, this may seem a bit crazy, Virgo parents are devoted to their children's success. This devotion may come across as an obsession to some people, but this will not distract the critical Virgo parent. Virgo 's will most likely be affiliated with church or other spiritual practices, and will pass these qualities on to children.

Virgo parents will teach their children how to strive for perfection, while sustaining their mental, physical, and spiritual health. A Libra parent is generally balanced, innovative, and cheerful. Libra parents will ultimately teach their children how to keep their equilibrium in order, regardless of their situation. These children will also learn how to keep their business affairs in order.

Libra parents can show their children how to have fun, while working on an important project.

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They will also show them how to be passionate about academic achievements and family affairs. The children of Libra parents will know the significance of peace and harmony. Their parents will shower them with gifts for any reason.

Scorpio Father — Capricorn Child

These folks may not qualify for a fitness trainer job, but their kids will know how to cook delicious meals. Their children will be great lovers and money makers. Libra 's have pleasant personalities and they love to party. These characteristic traits will prove to be beneficial for those who have social and athletic children.

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  8. Libra parents can show their children how to be personable and respectful, while not allowing others to take advantage of them. A Scorpio parent is generally intense, passionate, and extreme. Scorpio parents may come off as being melodramatic. Their children will show an immense amount of affection towards them and other relatives.

    These folks can show their children how to remain calm under pressure. The children of Scorpio parents will learn the art of bravery and intimidation. These two qualities can benefit youngsters who want to become law enforcement agents. Scorpio parents can provide a sense of security and honor, which will help shy children come out of their shell. Children of a Scorpio parent will learn the importance of being team player, to avoid the Scorpio 's venomous sting. They will also learn that stubbornness leads to eventual failure.

    A Sagittarius parent is generally adventurous, expansive, and inventive. The children of Sagittarius parents will always be occupied and ready for a new adventure. These kids will learn how to accomplish their goals and conquer their enemies. Sagittarius parents will teach their children how to be competitive and confident. Sagittarius people can be quite dramatic, and they know how to use this quality to increase their wealth. Sagittarius parents know how to keep kids happy and satisfied. They will teach children the significance of embracing life.

    These parents will show children how to have fun with academics. And, they will most likely force them to obtain a college degree. A Capricorn parent is generally responsible and hardworking.

    Mother and Child Zodiac Compatibility for Scorpio Moms

    These children will enjoy a balanced life filled with structure, free-time, and seriousness. Capricorn parents can be a bit critical when it comes to personal responsibility relating to hygiene, nutrition, and cleanliness. They may not force their children to be straight A students, but they will steer them to do their best. Capricorn parents will make sure their kids stay physically active and fit. They will also purchase age appropriate games to keep their mind occupied.

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    These folks are very involved with their children. Although, it may be hard to believe that a Capricorn is nurturing, their nurturing abilities stem from responsibility and dedication. Capricorn 's prepare their children for success, while showing them the benefits of hard work. These children will be prepared for any career that involves physical labor and passion. An Aquarius parent is generally electrifying, unique, and witty. These children will never experience a dull moment.

    Aquarius parents are always on the go, looking for a new goal to accomplish. They will teach their children the importance of being unique and passionate. Aquarius parents are creative and naturally in-tuned with children.