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At the time, I was chairperson of the curriculum committee, a member of other committees at the astrological society, and scheduled to teach an upcoming class. I had to find another teacher. I had to tell clients who called I was no longer an astrologer. Now what happens? Reading the Bible put me in touch with something pure, but I didn't know what it was. Although I had read the Bible before while growing up, this time it was different. I felt as though I was being cleaned form the inside out as I read it. This person Jesus fascinated me.

It was as though I was learning about Him for the first time. One evening while reading part of the 8th chapter of Matthew, right before Christmas of , I saw who Jesus really is. On the boat with His disciples, a terrible storm arose. The disciples were afraid and woke Jesus up, telling Him that they were going to perish. Jesus stopped the storm in its tracks! This was not like other paranormal activity. He did not visualize calm waters, He did not perform sorcery. He rebuked the winds and the sea, and they obeyed him.

That means He has authority over nature. I was separated from God by everything I had done in my past -- I had lived my whole life based on my will, a will that had rejected and defied God and His word. I realized that the only way to be forgiven, the only way to be reconciled with God, was through Jesus, the God-man who suffered and died for me out of a great and unconditional love.

I understood for the first time why Jesus died on the cross. In those several minutes sitting on my bed with the Bible, I knew that the truth and the answer to all my questions were one and the same: Jesus Christ. What a simple but awesome truth! And so I gave myself to Christ and knew I belonged to Him from that moment on. Several months later, I found out that a young Christian man at the part-time job where I worked had been praying for me with a fellowship group at his church during Jesus was different from the "masters" I had studied.

He was more real than the spirit guides, the Ascended Masters, the Higher Self -- all those airy, elusive things that gave no evidence of their existence -- because He came to earth in the flesh and He hungered, thirsted, felt pain and sorrow. He did not give a message that denied the dirt and dust of life, but He sat with the outcasts, the prostitutes, and the hated tax collectors yet remained sinless.

Astrology Conflicts with My Christian Faith and Sense of Self

He was as real as it gets. Though fully man, Jesus was fully God incarnate, equal to God in nature but setting aside that glory not deity to be among suffering men and women.

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Jesus Christ willingly was tortured, laid down His life and died an agonizing death to pay for our sins. He bodily rose on the third day, conquering death, so that we can have eternal life with God. No sorcerer, no spiritual master, no Buddha, no shaman, no witch, no psychic has conquered death, but all still lie cold in their graves. But Jesus has power over death and is living today. Spiritually, I had been in a grave with the buddhas and the sorcerers and the seekers of wisdom who had rejected the truth of Christ.

Paranormal activity begins in college

The complicated and intricate studies that had enthralled me, the endless layers of truths and realities I had pursued, the constant effort to evolve, the paranormal experiences, the need to believe in one's own goodness at all costs, were all a maze and a trap. The truth was simple enough for a child because the truth is a Person. Jesus did not teach the way or say He had a way. He said that He is the way -- not a way, but THE way. What is the biggest difference between my former life and my life in Christ?

That I am happier, that life is easier? Not at all.

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The difference is that I am spiritually satisfied. There is more to learn and much room to grow, but the learning and growth spring from Christ as the foundation, not from a search outside Him. The search has ended; the thirst has been quenched; the hunger within has been filled. No one comes to the Father except through me," - John I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in and eat with him, and he with me.

Many pursue psychic abilities and paranormal activity in search of personal and spiritual fulfillment.

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God offers that fulfillment in a relationship with him. To find out more please see Knowing God Personally. Spiritual Adventure Pack. Ask a Question! They don't really have anything to do with the matter — the planets are simply the excuse for the meeting. All the talk about ascensions and quadrants serve to make the astrologer appear to be an expert and authority figure, thus setting the stage for the quality of the encounter. In reality, the charts and horoscope are just smokescreens to deflect your attention from what is really going on, which is a cold reading.

This is simply an old carnival trick, employed today with great success not just by astrologers, but psychics and mediums and hucksters of all brands. None of this is to say that astrologers' advice is never any good. Like a telephone psychic, even though the advice is usually very vague and general, it can often be better than no advice at all.

Some people just need another person to listen to them and show some concern for their problems. On the other hand, astrologers who recommend against particular marriages or projects because of the "stars" might be providing disastrous advice. There is, sadly, no way to differentiate between the two. Share Flipboard Email. Austin Cline, a former regional director for the Council for Secular Humanism, writes and lectures extensively about atheism and agnosticism. Continue Reading. Learn Religions uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience.

Also, myths never change, while astrological interpretations can change yearly, monthly, and even daily. Astrology would be better analogous to superstition, since superstition is based on hearsay and opinion as well. The biggest difference between astronomy and astrology is that astronomy studies the science physics, chemistry, biology behind celestial objects, and astrology uses those same celestial objects in order to predict human behaviors.

You nailed here.

Astrological interpretations rely on the capacity of the interpreter to read body languages and associate those to a standard divinatory system. I think that astrology does have testable ideas but I do not think there is any ongoing research or very little if any. It is also very hard to find any articles written by a credible source or any peer reviewed journals.

I think astrology has a foundation based on science but is more a superstition than anything else.

Astrology vs. Religion - Do they Conflict?! (Chit-Chat) - #7DOZ

There is plenty of research using controlled parameters on this subject. Astrology have been around ever since the 17th century.

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It has been used by many countries to predict and forecast future events. Astrology focuses on starts and planets which plays a dynamic role in evolution of the world. I believe that Astrology is scientific since it cooperates scientific knowledge on scientific sounding tools like star chart.

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Astrology predictions are made by forming the hypothesis, conducting, and use knowledge to developing the explanation, evaluating, and then drawing a thesis of the prediction. This is very similar to the science process which is why I believe it is scientific. Can you list a few of the testable premises?

The possible ones are based on the influence of planets on people. Since you study science, which influence that might be? Do the calculations. The same. They don;t work.

Chinese Zodiac | Religion

You are left with calling Astrology a religious system. In this context, we can belief on a series of unproven statements and go from there; like I believe there is a personal God out there that loves me and this is enough for me. It is more like a religious system with a core set of beliefs. First of all, I think science and technology has made our life easy, faster. Internet is one the invention that made our even better. For example, google is one of the website where you can find most information you need.