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Their innovative and creative ideas about things to do together are but one of the ways they express their love. An Aquarian in love will make time for the person they love, but they'll never know what their Aquarian might come up with. One day, they might suggest meeting friends at a sidewalk cafe, the next it could be volunteering at the local pet rescue center, and the next it might be attending a protest to support a cause that interests them.

Aquarians are extroverted, friendly, and great listeners and friendship is the key component of a romantic relationship with an Aquarian. An Aquarian in love personifies the statement "friends first, last and always.

However, they are very loyal and won't end a relationship over silly problems. Instead, they are rational and objective and take the time to talk out any issues that might arise. If an Aquarian loves you, they will be your best friend and stick with you through thick and thin, even if the romantic relationship ends. An Aquarian intellectualizes and detaches from their emotions because they can't deal with emotional stress. While this allows them to compartmentalize their feelings, have a more objective view of any situation, and make rational decisions even in a crisis, it can play havoc with their love life.

While this is a very important aspect of the Aquarian's nature, it often makes them seem disinterested and distant to their partners. Add their lack of emotional expression to the fact that they need unlimited independence, and it can seem to the person they love that there is no intimate relationship at all. Although Aquarians have a problem with dealing with their emotions, they are sensitive and they do care. They will take every secret to the grave! They will never reveal your secrets. They take trust VERY seriously and will never break it once earned. Aquarians are very dependable and seek stability in friendships and relationships.

They are mature in their outlook and govern their subordinates smoothly.

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They always help a friend in need. Honesty defines these natives and will do anything to help others. Another quality that sets Aquarians apart from the rest is their unpredictability. They are very spontaneous and crazy. Aquarians are born rebels against the conventional and the traditional.

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They do not accept anything blindly and are always questioning the loopholes in any system. This is also the reason that Aquarians are known to be great idealists. They can see the present flawed systems. They are and dream of a world where things are much better.


Aquarians love more than anything to be in the company of other people. One of the friendliest signs of the zodiac, they are true "people" people. Aquarians will find their kindness helps them attract friends wherever they go. Their humanitarian beliefs make them concerned for the welfare of all.

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Yet, while they love people, they tend to avoid getting too deeply involved in a relationship for fear of losing their independence. There can be no dull moment around an Aquarian.

With their impeccable sense of humor, they'll make sure your life is all giggles and laughter. Think of the friend who makes you laugh the most - must be an Aquarian. Aquarians are also cool as cucumber. Most Aquarians are very calm and tranquil — and their soft manner of speaking can soothe even the angriest or craziest of people. They get mad and forget. Never do they hold any grudges against their friends.

They're the most forgiving people you will ever meet. Aquarians are a curious lot — and they are forever trying to learn about new things and people. Aquarians tend to be misunderstood by their peers, as their thoughts and ideas are too futuristic for the common folks.

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This water sign is very forward-thinking — and a number of geniuses are born under this sign. Aquarians value friendship very much. Once you have a friendship with an Aquarian, you can expect them to be loyal.

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If you find yourself in a bind, ask an Aquarian friend for help. They will not hesitate to be there for you. They are the humanitarians of the zodiac and their altruistic ways naturally draw people to them. Aquarians usually never find themselves at a loss for companionship, but because they value their independence so, they may not make the best lovers. If they feel they are trapped, they will use any excuse to break free. Aquarians show you what real friendships are like. They may hang out with a hundred people, but they are close to only a handful of them.

Being the closest to an Aquarian is a privilege not everybody gets. Since their minds are so commonly set in the future, they forget about the present. But who ever said a friend should be perfect? Comments Holly Mckenzie-Holmes May 27, Angel May 04, Edward Feb 15, Anette Nov 21, Monica P Aug 31, Jaliseia Dunlap Aug 25, When an Aquarius dates another Aquarius, there can tend to be a lot of miscommunication.

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Even though she knows what the other is doing when they are both acting aloof, Aquarius also hates when someone disagrees with her and will often give the other person the cold shoulder. It might not be about anything, but they won't know it until one of them cracks Aquarius is headstrong and determined, and won't quit until she gets what she wants.

Being in a relationship with someone who understands what goes on inside her head without any hesitation is every Aquarian's dream. If she is dating another Aquarian, then the two of them can be unstoppable together. Aquarians tend to play off each other's strengths, giving the other person the boost they need to succeed. In this case, two water-bearers are better than one.

Aquarius is pretty low maintenance when it comes to dating, save for a few basic needs she MUST have met in a relationship: acceptance, freedom, and someone who will never break their promises. As long as she has these three things, she will have a strong relationship.

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While it's true almost any sign can give these things to her, only another Aquarius can really understand what she wants because they themselves are looking for the same qualities in a person. There is nothing quite like dating someone who just GETS what you need, no questions asked. The Toast. Aquarius is a very independent person who loves having her space. A lot of people think that means she would rather be alone than in a relationship, but that's not true. When an Aquarius is in a relationship with another Aquarius, it can seem like it's just two independent people spending time together when in fact, it's much different.

Aquarians value freedom very highly in relationships and will work best with someone who understands that sometimes, they need to be alone.